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2 Reasons why you need to see Olivia Chindamo

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I had the good fortune to hear Olivia Chindamo at the Jazz Lab on Thursday night as part of Hue Blanes' Thursday night series and if you didn't already know...Olivia Chindamo is really, really good!

Even though I've known Olivia for about three years, I've never managed to hear her live. If you've been thinking about getting out to see Olivia sing, then you better get your skates on and here's two reasons why:

The Jazz Lab

If you haven't been to Michael Tortoni's new club yet, based (conveniently for me!) in Brunswick, then you really should make an effort. Reminiscent of Bennett's Lane, the Jazz Lab is a fantastic place to see and hear live music. A great selection of drinks, seats at the bar, plenty of table seating and bleachers at the rear. Oh, and there are no pesky columns right in the view between you and some world-class jazz!

Hue Blanes & his music

After wandering into the Jazz Lab two weeks ago to check out the venue, I was lucky enough to hear Hue Blanes playing with Danny Fischer (Drums), Eugene Ball (trumpet), Phil Noy (Alto Sax) and Tamara Murphy (Bass). The music was great and Hue he let me know he was playing a series of Thursday night gigs at the Jazz Lab including a special show with Olivia on the 19th where they'd be recreating the classic jazz album Ray Charles and Betty Carter. This is the show I've taken the clips from in the video above. Hue is playing at the Jazz Lab again over the next two Thursdays:

  • 27th July - The Music of Frank Loesser & Thelon

  • 3rd August - Explorations into Be-Bop & Four or Five Times

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