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26/52: The halfway mark

There's a lot to be said for sticking at something, particularly if it's not easy. As I sit here at 7:00pm on Tuesday night, I'm about to write my twenty-sixth blog a row! It also brings up another milestone and that is the halfway point of the year. I think it's time for a bit of reflection on both the blog and the year!

Reflection #1: My photography is getting better. The images have been a lot of fun to take, review and post. I've labelled the blog "52 Frames" (I also post it to my personal site) and each week I sit down, go through my photos for the week and pick the one that I like best. I then try and write something of interest that may, or may not, have a relationship to that photo! I'm glad I've stuck with original photographs each week and the tie-in to the "52 Frames" moniker is satisfying.

Reflection #2: The content could definitely do with more planning. Let's consider this a work in progress.

Reflection #3: I'm developing skills. I have developed better writing skills and I'm getting better at the socials too, posting to multiple platforms using new tools.

Reflection #4: I've pushed past the stage fright. While the engagement and raw numbers of followers might not be staggering, I'm personally not afraid any longer to form an opinion, express it and use some tools to push it out there. Metaphorically, I've taken the guitar out of the bedroom...

So I'm enjoying it, I'm personally developing and occasionally the engagement is great. Bit by bit I feel like the effort is starting to pay off.

Which brings us to the mid-way point of 2020. What can I say? Whatever experiences you're having in 2020, particularly if it's not easy, stick at it. From working-from-home to recording music in your bedroom without your bandmates, to starting your new business or even developing a vaccine that will return us all to normality - please stick at it and I'm sure that slowly, surely, the results will come.

I wish you the best for the next 26 weeks.


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