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29/52: How are you doing?

Well, this week I don’t know what to write about. Someone asked me today how I'm doing and so, I thought I'd just tell you how I’m feeling and what’s happening in my world. I think it's important to do. If you get through this short, but odd little blog, tell me how you’re doing in the comments.

I think the shock of lockdown #2 has been considerable. I’ve found myself back in that place where I’m being very grateful for my family (and having them around me), as well as grateful for my good health. I’ve also hit the phone and messenger apps to check in on friends and family. Everyone’s as good as can be expected.

I’m a bit jealous of New Zealand. Turns out they had a very good plan. I’m a bit annoyed about

Daniel Andrews’ efforts with the hotel quarantine debacle and handling of the tower lockdowns, but I still think he’s doing a good job...not a job I’d want.

My best mate has just booked tickets back from the UK after self-isolating in rural Yorkshire for 2 months. He and his wife are hoping their flights are not going to be cancelled. Their lifelong dream of ‘making it’ in Europe will just have to go on hold for now.

At work, we stay home and that’s now become pretty normal. It’s hard yakka being a recruiter in a downturn, let alone trying to forge solid relationships via zoom! But we’re celebrating the wins and keeping each other going. I’m grateful to have a good job and work with people who are regularly checking in with each other.

My two young kids love having me and my wife home all the time. We have three meals together every day and it’s bloody wonderful. But I’m not looking forward to Season 2 of “HomeSchool”.

I’m definitely stressing out about the big picture, however, it’s not playing out in the ‘normal way’. I woke up a few nights ago stressing about an episode of Grand Designs where the bloke lost his family and all of his money and ended up without a house or a wife. I just lay awake feeling really bad for him. That’s odd for me.

And then I saw a paddle boarder at sunset, I stopped and took a pic and thought, it’s not all bad…and I’m grateful for that. 

So, how are you doing?


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