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32/52: Double-Check!

When under pressure, it can really pay to slow down, focus on the task at hand and double-check your work.

If you're wondering why this cord has two ends that are the same, you're paying attention...which is more than I can say for my handy work on Sunday. In an effort to repair an old extension cord, I inadvertently created a double-ended disaster, plugged it in and then noticed my mistake. I picked it up to show my wife (what a fool I'd been) when, before I knew it, I received an electric shock. It felt like a hammer coming down on my thumb.

Luckily, there was no real damage done. I walked away unscathed but shocked in more ways than one. How could I make such a stupid, and potentially life-threatening mistake? The reality is that I'm tired, stressed and anxious and it's having an effect on my concentration.

This week has been a big one: we've entered week three of 'HomeSchool 2.0' and now stage four restrictions have been thrust upon Melbourne including shutdowns of many industries and a curfew! It's all a bit daunting. I can really feel how the shine has come off the 'quaint excitement' experienced in Lockdown #1.

So I'm going to keep this short and simple:

  1. If you're feeling out of sorts, you're in the majority

  2. It's likely to have an effect on your ability to concentrate, perform at work, parent and communicate

  3. Give yourself some space and prioritise that hour of exercise, even if it's just to 'mask-up' and walk to the corner

  4. If you need it, seek support: here's an excellent set of resources from Beyond Blue

Finally, if you have something to write, deliver, publish, build or fix anytime soon, please slow down, bring your focus to the task and please...double-check your work to avoid all shocks!


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