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36/52: Get your ducks lined up!

It’s the first day of spring 2020 and the positives are beginning to outweigh the negatives. There’s a bit to look forward to so I thought it might be a good idea to take stock of what’s coming up:

1. The roadmap

Up until now we’ve been very focussed on what C19 means and how Stage 1 restrictions to Stage 4 lockdowns work. Well, now we’ve turned our focus to something far more exciting - the roadmap to recovery.

Despite the crushing blow this latest lockdown has dealt our Victorian economy, Dan Andrews, Brett Sutton and every Melburnian have brought our numbers from 700+ to under 100 in little over a month. Kudos everyone 👏. The real test for the Premier is coming though and I’m not talking about the judicial enquiry. An excellent recovery plan for Victoria and avoiding further lockdowns are going to be critical measures of how well we're really performing. Let’s see what the Premier’s announcement brings on Sunday and let's hope he’s got his ducks in a row.

From a regular punter’s perspective, I’m simply looking forward to everything easing and opening again…soon.

2. Warmer weather

It’s a simple one. We’re officially on the ‘other side’ of winter. Melbourne spring is a fickle beast but the trend is clear: warmer weather and longer days are coming.

3. The AFL Grand Final

Now I’m not a sporting nut but I love a good spectacle (AFL GF, Melb Cup, The World Cup, AO Final, TdF climbing stages, etc) and this year’s GF will be very interesting. Whilst there was a lost opportunity to tie in a ‘top of the ladder can host’ competition, a Gabba grand final is a positive thing for the game. Without C19 I’m not sure this day would ever have happened. Add to that the intrigue of a night game and regardless of who’s playing, this will be a spectacle worth watching. I'm also glad for the mental health benefits so many people have gotten from being able to tune in to sport and tune out of covid. If you also like a good sporting spectacle, put 7pm, October 24 in your diary now!

4. Industry recovery

These are hard times but we’ll be seeing better days again soon. For the Victorian construction industry, I remain hopeful and confident the above-mentioned roadmap will spell out a quick return to a new Covid ‘BAU’. This will inevitably mean some new hiring, and for my industry colleagues and me, that’s very positive.

I’m also hopeful that some live music will return to Melbourne. That’s a long stretch while we’re in Stage 4 lockdown, but it will happen eventually - and for all my muso mates that’s going to be a game-changer. It would be good if the Premier can show a plan for the arts sector too…that would be a positive.

5. More family time

Some days it’s all just too much - ask any school-aged parent/home tutor and you’ll get the idea. However I wouldn’t trade the quality time we’ve had together over the last few months for anything…from camping in our backyard to relearning primary school maths, I’m going to cherish the weeks we've still got, living and working together until school goes back. 

As the days start to stretch and the sun grows higher, I'm hoping the positives continue to outweigh the negatives.


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