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39/52: An early release?

I caught this black house spider while I was cleaning the deck over the weekend in my endless list of home improvement projects. After five minutes of captivity in the glass, I got the impression this spider was pretty grateful for his safe release. I know how it feels!

There's a buzz in the air that the Andrews Government might consider easing restrictions earlier than planned and for Victorian businesses, every day is critical. For Victorians themselves, every day is critical too and the thought of having some of our basic social norms returned fills us with hope. Our numbers are heading fast in the right direction (45, 20, 13, 11, 28) so after six weeks of stage four lockdown, I'm ready to start thinking about the things I've not had the chance to do over the last few months.

Hanging with the family has been awesome, truly, but I'm ready for a bit of variety. Here's my Top 5 wishlist of post-lockdown things to do:

1) Entertaining

I haven't seen some of my relatives and best friends since February. We love to entertain and I'm just so keen to have some people over.

2) Exercise

Okay, I've let myself go. I've discovered I need exercise buddies to keep me honest. Bring on the group rides and gym classes.

3) Dining out

We've ordered-in plenty but it's not the same. I really miss sitting down and having someone take our order. I can't wait to discover new cafes, bars and restaurants...with mates.

4) Music

I play music but I've literally had my instruments in the cupboard for a few months. It's time to get these out and hopefully have the chance to jam, face to face, with a few mates sometime very soon. As for going to a gig, I dream of that day.

5) Travel

Let's start with 5km+ and go from there. Camping in country Victoria. Interstate travel. I haven't even allowed myself the fantasy of planning an overseas holiday but we're looking forward to some travel in whatever form it takes.

It's September 22nd at the time of writing. I know we still have to take it slow and steady in Victoria, but as I write, I truly hope our continued 'good behaviour' leads us to an early release...and may all of our post-lockdown wishlists become a reality sooner than later.

What are you most looking forward to?


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