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44/52: Missed chance to 'Get on the beers'

Sometimes you make a big mistake, but if you're just clever enough, just agile enough, mistakes can be turned to your favour.

In case you missed it, there was a viral post that did the rounds this week offering 6 slabs of Mountain Goat beer for $105 delivered. At $17.50 a slab, that's highway robbery (for the consumer)!! Anyway, I tried the link, and unbelievably I was led to the (real, not fake) Liquorland website where I had the option to purchase. After a few attempts due to incredibly high website traffic, I managed to get my 6 slabs locked in for $120 (see the main picture). Happy days.

The chatter on social media at the time suggested that maybe Liquorland had done a deal with Mountain Goat brewery to help Victorians 'get on the beers'. A loss leader? A feel-good deal? No one really knew but we all held on to our hopes and kept our fingers crossed. But as your Mum and Dad always said, "if it seems too good..."

Early the next morning the first crushing reports came through of a website glitch.

It's fair to say a great number of consumers were gutted. Even though Liquorland have agreed to reimburse all purchases, (the money still hasn't hit the bank as of Friday evening) all of the people I spoke to believe Liquorland have missed a great opportunity here.

"While we’d love to help Melburnians ‘get on the beers’, unfortunately we are unable to honour these sales." That response from Liquorland did not sit well. Why not completely own the mistake and turn it into a positive? Considering the huge amount of sales, maybe they could offer different stock as a replacement or look to do some sort of deal with the brewer? Whatever the answer, the refund has put a sour taste in the mouth of beer lovers across Victoria.

I'm keen to hear from you - what do you think is the best course of action when your brand makes a mistake? Own it? Capitalise on it? Or refund and wish it didn't happen?

We can all make mistakes but I think Liquorland have missed a massive opportunity to buy some brand loyalty, turn a negative into a positive and offer some community goodwill at a time when Victorians most need it.


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